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Pharmacokinetics of daily and weekly dapsone in HIV-infected children.
Mirochnick M; Cooper E; McIntosh K; BU Schl Med & Children's Hosp,
November 30, 1996
3rd Conf Retro and Opportun Infect. 1996 Jan 28-Feb 1;:159. Unique

While dapsone (D) is widely used for PCP prophylaxis in HIV infected children with intolerance to TMP-SMX, there are limited pediatric pharmacokinetic data. We determined the pharmacokinetics (pk) of oral D in HIV infected children who had received at least 4 weeks of treatment with daily doses of 1 mg/kg (n=10) or 2 mg/kg (n=9), or weekly doses of 4 mg/kg (n=9). Serial serum samples for D cone were collected over 48 hours for daily dose patients and 7 days for weekly dose patients. D cone was measured by HPLC. Pk analysis was performed using noncomparmental methods. Pk parameters (mean +/- SD)are shown Below:(Table: See Text). For the entire group, t 1/2 averaged 21.4 hours (range: 5.4-46.9), compared to average adult t l/2 of 30 hours (range: 13-83), suggesting that children eliminate D faster than adults. Children receiving chronic 2 mg/kg daily doses or 4 mg/kg weekly doses achienved peak D swum cone equivalent to those seen in adults with chronic daily 100 mg doses:therefore these doses seem appropriate for children receiving D for PCP prophylaxis.

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