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A triple nucleoside analogue combination in four patients with primary HIV-1 infections: towards complete virological remissions?
Saimot AG; Simon F; Landman R; Girard PM; Fauveau V; Mariot P;
January 30, 1997
Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(1):112 (abstract no. Mo.B.1332). Unique

Objectives: By introducing a convergent combination of Thymidine, Cytidine, Adenosine analogues altogether within 6 weeks in patients with primary retroviral infection, to obtain such a blockade of HIV activity in vivo as to stop treatment after 12 months of its initiation. Patients and methods: Three men, 1 woman (aged 35-38) received zidovudine (AZT) (250 mg tid), didanosine (ddI) (200 mg bid), and lamivudine (3TC) (150 mg bid) during the course of a clinically overt primary HIV-1 infection documented by both sequential Western Blots and plasma viremias. Log HIV infectious blood cells/107 PBMCs [lower limit of detection 0.7(a)], and Log HIV RNA copies/ml plasma (Amplicor Monitor Roche, 36 cycles, limit of detectionl(b)) were sequentially determined in real time. Results: (table: see text) Conclusion: In all 4 patients, virus became undetectable in either cells or plasma or both by weeks 12-16 of treatment. Patient G has been off antivirals for 3 months since week 52 without recurrence of retroviral activity in blood cells or plasma.