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Deaths of hemophiliac patients in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: impact of AIDS.
Carmo RA; Andrade CA; Tavares G; Carneiro-Proietti AB; Cimino AA;
January 30, 1997
Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(2):131 (abstract no. We.C.3425). Unique

Introduction and Objectives: Before the AIDS pandemic, the leading cause of death in hemophiliac patients was bleeding due to lack of coagulation factors. Our aim is to evaluate the causes of deaths in hemophiliacs with blood tests positive and negative for HIV-1. Material and Methods: Medical records from 470 male hemophiliac patients treated at Fundaiao Hemominas from 1985 to 1994 were reviewed to identify the number and basic causes of deaths and their relation to HIV serostatus. RESULTS: The results are shown in the following tables: (table: see text) Comments: The mortality rate of hemophiliac patients who are HIV-positive is smaller than the ones tested HIV negative. AIDS is the predominant cause of death among those who are HIV-positive, but other reasons are important as well (e.g. bleeding). The causes of death that are classified as "ignored" reflect the difficulty in keeping the medical records updated in this population, with loss of useful information. Supported by Fapemig, Capes and CNPq.

*Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/COMPLICATIONS *Hemophilia/MORTALITY *HIV-1