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Tuberculin skin test conversion among close contacts of pulmonary tuberculosis patients, infected or not by HIV.
Carvalho AC; Brito ZN; Oliveira OT; Soares F; Ferraz L; Cunha MP;
January 30, 1997
Int Conf AIDS. 1996 Jul 7-12;11(1):165 (abstract no. Mo.C.1642). Unique

Objective: Evaluate the risk of TB infection among close contacts CC) of Pulmonary Tuberculosis patients (PTB). Methods: A prospective study has been carried out from Feb 25, and Dec 28, 1995, in University General Hospital. Occurrence of TB disease or infection among 120 (69 women) CC of 26 index cases-ICs (7 HIV+) was prospectively evaluated. They were divided in Group A: 92 CCs of HIV-/IC and Group B: 28 CCs of HIV+/IC. After informed consent, questionnaire, radiological, bacteriological tests, and serology for HIV were performed. All tuberculin skin test (TT) used 2 UT of PPD RT 23 (Serum Institut, Denmark). The initial TT was read 48 to 72 hs after application. Among those who had TT less than 10 mm (or 5 mm for HIV+), TT was repeated 4 months later. TT conversion was defined as an increased in induration at least of 10 mm. Results: Forty three (36%) CCs were below 15 years of age; 55 (46%) cases had a positive TT. One CC 3.6%;1/28) was HIV+ (from Group B), and one (1%, 1/92) had TB disease (from Group A). TT was repeated in 34 CC; TT conversion occurred in 7.8% (2/26 from group A). Positive TT was associated with presence of cavity on chest-x-ray (p=0.007) and cough greater than 4 weeks (p=0.008) among their ICs. There was no significant association between TT conversion and the following variables: 1) cavitation on chest x-ray or length of disease among ICs; 2) BCG vaccination, sex and race of the contacts; e) frequency of contact (daily or weekly with the index cases). Conclusion: These preliminary data suggest that the risk of tuberculous infection rate seems to be higher in the group of close contacts of HIV-seronegative index cases.This study was supported by World Bank/STD/AIDS Program/Ministry of Health, Brazil. Cont.003/94.

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