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History of sexual abuse among HIV-infected women.
Bedimo AL; Kissinger P; Bessinger R; Tulane University, New Orleans,
September 30, 1997
Int J STD AIDS. 1997 May;8(5):332-5. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

The objective of this study is to describe the characteristics associated with a history of sexual abuse among HIV-infected women enrolled in a public inner-city HIV outpatient clinic. A retrospective chart review of 238 women of childbearing age enrolled in the HIV outpatient clinic between 1987 and 1995 was performed. Characteristics of the study population were 83% African American, 69% single, and 53% finished high school or were still in school. The mean age was 25.7 years. Of the 238 women, 32% had a history of sexual abuse. Factors associated with sexual abuse history after controlling for age included living in a non-permanent situation (OR=4.8), history of non-intravenous drug use (OR=4.65), and having dropped out of school (OR=2.2). HIV-infected women should be screened for a history of sexual abuse and carefully counselled regarding their reproductive choices and drug treatment.

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