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HIV seroprevalence amongst pregnant women in northeastern Zaire.
Wannan GJ; Cutting WA; Fischer PR; University of Edinburgh, UK.
September 30, 1997
Int J STD AIDS. 1997 May;8(5):317-9. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

To assess the seroprevalence of HIV in pregnant women in northeastern Zaire and factors that correlate with seropositivity, sequential blood sampling and interviews were performed on 700 women at antenatal clinics in northeastern Zaire. The seroprevalence of the 3 clinics surveyed varied from 0.3%-5.5%, rates being higher in more urban areas. Seropositivity was associated with greater education (P<0.001) and having a partner whose job involved travelling (P<0.001). No correlation was found with marital status, age, or gravidity. Women in northeastern Zaire are at a greater risk of being infected with HIV if they are well educated or have a husband who travels due to his work. Health education on HIV should be particularly directed at women who are well educated and at men who have mobile' jobs.

*HIV Seroprevalence *Pregnancy Complications, Infectious/EPIDEMIOLOGY