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HIV counseling for behavior change.
Grinstead OA; Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of
September 30, 1997
AIDS Educ Prev. 1997 Apr;9(2):125-32. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

The purpose of this paper was to provide a framework for discussion in the working group on HIV Counseling for Behavior Change at the Third USAID HIV/AIDS Prevention Conference. The paper begins with a section defining HIV counseling and describing different types of HIV counseling. Next, points of consensus and controversy regarding the conduct and evaluation of HIV counseling are discussed. This is followed by a section outlining findings to date on the effectiveness of HIV counseling, and a discussion of methodological issues in evaluating counseling outcomes. Finally, the paper includes a list of key issues for further research.

*Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/PREVENTION & CONTROL *Counseling *HIV Infections/PREVENTION & CONTROL *Risk-Taking