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HIV risks among homeless men differentiated by cocaine use and psychiatric distress.
Zanis DA; Cohen E; Meyers K; Cnaan RA; Department of Psychiatry,
September 30, 1997
Addict Behav. 1997 Mar-Apr;22(2):287-92. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

This study examined the relationship among cocaine use, psychiatric distress, and HIV risk behaviors of homeless men. A 3 x 2 ANOVA was computed to determine overall mean HIV risk behavior, with the first factor representing three levels of psychiatric distress (low, moderate, and high) and the second factor representing use or no use of cocaine. Overall, homeless men who used cocaine had significantly higher HIV risk scores than did noncocaine users. Among the homeless men who used cocaine, those men who reported high psychiatric distress had significantly higher HIV risk scores than did noncocaine users and cocaine users with low psychiatric distress. Moreover, these risk scores predominantly represented three high risk sexual behaviors; lack of condom use, multiple sex partners, and participation in commercial sex. Outreach efforts that target both substance use and especially high-risk sexual practices are urged for this population.

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