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Pathological and epidemiological aspects of skin lesions in histoplasmosis. Observations in an AIDS patient and badgers outside endemic areas of histoplasmosis.
Grosse G; Staib F; Rapp J; Rang H; Heise W; Kaufman L; Institut fur
September 30, 1997
Zentralbl Bakteriol. 1997 Apr;285(4):531-9. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

As a consequence of HIV infection, histoplasmosis is increasingly occurring as an opportunistic infection with a systemic course outside histoplasmosis-endemic areas, e.g. in Europe. Accordingly, questions concerning the epidemiology of this mycosis arise. Two incidents involving histoplasmosis in man and badgers with prevailing involvement of the skin encouraged us to review the pathogenesis and epidemiology of this mycosis in Germany, where so far Histoplasma capsulatum has not been endemic. With a view to prevention, attention is drawn to the avoidance of microfoci of H. capsulatum in the newly introduced concept of biowaste and its composting plants in countries with modern waste management.

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