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Translating processes of change into HIV risk reduction interventions.
Crudder SO; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA.
December 30, 1997
Natl Conf Women HIV. 1997 May 4-7;:183 (abstract no. P2.45). Unique

The processes of change can easily be adapted for use with HIV risk reduction activities. Each processes of change can also be used for a variety of risk reduction target behaviors. For example, in a recently concluded five year study of a behavioral risk reduction intervention for serodiscordant heterosexual couples, two target behaviors were identified; increasing communication about safer sex and increasing the consistent use of safer sexual behaviors (defined as abstinence from penetrative intercourse or the consistent use of condoms for penetrative intercourse). For the purposes of this project, each of the processes of change described in the previous section were operationalized into specific exercises. Two exercises for each process of change were developed for each target behavior. In this section of the workshop some of the specific activities used for HIV risk reduction will be demonstrated. Participants will be asked to describe one of their own cases and the associated target behavior. Two specific cases will be selected and specific activities (based on the processes of change) will be selected and demonstrated. Thus the examples will be predicated upon the workshop participants' own client base. In the selection of the two cases care will be taken to choose clients in two different stages of change in order to demonstrate the flexibility and variety of the Transtheoretical Model (TM).

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