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HIV seroprevalence rates among homicide victims in New York City: 1991-1993.
Tardiff K; Marzuk PM; Leon AC; Hirsch CS; Stajic M; Portera L; Hartwell
March 30, 1998
J Forensic Sci. 1997 Nov;42(6):1070-3. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

This study assessed HIV seroprevalence in homicide victims killed in New York City in 1991-1993, using data from the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Among 5852 homicide victims there were 344 (5.9%) victims who were HIV positive. Females were just as likely as males to be HIV positive. For females, the highest rates were in the 25-34 year (11.7%) and 35-44 year (12.6%) age categories. For males the highest rates were in the 35-44 year 13.7%) and 45-54 year (11.5%) age categories. Other than there being no HIV positive Asian victims, there were no differences in HIV rates among racial/ethnic groups. The highest rates of HIV infection for homicide victims were among those using both opiates and cocaine (males: 23.0%; females: 27.3%). Women, not men, using cocaine alone had a high HIV positive rate (18.4%). Victims not using these drugs had rates of HIV around 2%. The authors believe that the high risk of HIV among homicide victims, may be due to the use of cocaine and associated risky use of needles and risky sex practices.

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