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The first HIV+ group in Estonia.
Vassiljev V
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1017 (abstract no. 60092). Unique Identifier :

Estonian HIV-Positive group ESPO was created in january 1992. At the first meeting there were only 12 participants By now, the number has increase upto 35. Most of them are HIV+. Only some close friends and members of families are in the group. We have not yet support from goverment. All work is voluntary: 1. Psyho-social support for members of the group; 2. Weekly meeting with charity dinners; 3. Work on the field of ANTI-AIDS propaganda:--lectures at schools and high schools--participation in TV-programs and in radio broadcasts--interviews and articles in media--participation in streetwork December, 1, May. 23, Rock-festival "Rock summer", Paldiski Rock-festival, etc. 4. Fighting for the rights of HIV+ and gay people; 5. Apart from psychological support, our group strives to provide material support to those members who cannot work due to their state of health. ESPO has established itself as the more active self-help groups, with attendance at international meetings.

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