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Advances in HIV/substance abuse treatment: bridging the gap for clients.
Fitzgerald B; Hart JE; Roberts JR; Community Medical Alliance, Boston,
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1014 (abstract no. 60072). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: Substance abuse treatment programs are an untapped source for client adherence to life enhancing HIV care. PROJECT: Following a course of direct observation and other provider interactions with clients, it was noted that HIV awareness and health maintenance appeared to be deficient. Both clients and staff continued to be reluctant to engage in HIV education other than the mandatory and basic AIDS 101. Lack of knowledge, fear, and inexperience with the current phase of the epidemic continue to conspire to block prevention, education and treatment efforts. A curriculum which was developed by The National Institute on Drug Abuse in 1985 and revised by The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment in 1988 and 1992 already existed, but needed to be revised once again to meet the current needs of client and provider. Curriculum revision was undertaken and piloted in three treatment settings (detoxification, methadone and residential) to an audience inclusive of both staff and clients. Me revised curriculum focused attention on new medical interventions, as well as the stages-of-change harm reduction model of care and treatment. RESULTS: As a result of the curriculum revision and new training, clients' hopes for a future grew stronger, and both client and staff interest in the new treatment protocols strengthened. Questions were generated as to how to integrate complex medical regimes into recovery oriented settings. Ambivalence and resistance to change were challenged in both clients and staff, and both groups agreed to continue the dialogue. Discussion was dynamic and held promise for future change. LESSONS LEARNED: Not every client who is sick wants to get well Healing can and does take place in the absence of a cure. The task for the provider is to plant the seed of hope in order to kindle the flame of desire in the client to achieve a better life. HIV treatment adherence is enhanced when treatment and support for addictive disease process is honored.

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