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Bridging the gap between PWAs and affected persons in the community.
Musisi KA; Sempijja R; Segujja M; Theta, Kampala, Uganda.
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1013 (abstract no. 60067). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: Yulia Muganzi AIDS Patients Educational support group (YAPSEG) was founded by Kassatiro Musisi Andrew, a traditional healer, after a training organised by THETA organisation for 18 months, to foster hope and a spirit of community for people with AIDS, to fight stigmatization and discrimination against people with AIDS and to educate communities about positive living by P.W.As. PROJECT: YAPESG is made up of concerned Ugandans whose primary activity is composition of songs and drama pieces on AIDS transmission, prevention, positive living and care for PWA. RESULTS: Increasing numbers of people from the community members requesting, for advice and counseling services from YAPESG. Many clients receiving HIV results and being open about it following the discussions on positive living. Clients speaking out publicly about their HIV status. LESSONS LEARNED: Increased communication between PWAs and asymptomatic clients can facilitate mutually, beneficial support. PWAs who share their personal challenges with friends receive greater support than non-communicating PWAs. Support from within the community of PWAs generated than from general community.

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