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Out patient management of 745 HIV and AIDS patients at NGO, OPD clinic, Bangalore, India.
Kadappashivappa S
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1011 (abstract no. 60054). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: Caring for HIV and Aids patients at NGO, OPD clinic in developing country, India. PROJECT: Study of 745 patients at NGO, OPD clinic. Slowly and steadily the number of HIV and Aids patients are on the raise managing HIV patients at government hospitals who are already overburdened with various dieseases is a cause of concern. The NGO network, could ease some of these burdens. RESULTS: 745 patients were seen by me and followed up regularly for a period of 3 years. There were 548 males and 195 females. 2 patients were enuchs. 161 patients were illetrates. 442 patients were married. There were 407 patients between 25-34 years. 33.4% patients had T.B. STD was reported by 40%. All patients were treated symptomatically for opportunistic infections. None received anti retroviral therapy. NGO network could effectively take up the issues of HIV/Aids patients and reduce the burden of already overcroweded opd clinics of government hospitals in developing countries.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*THERAPY *Ambulatory Care Facilities/UTILIZATION AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections/EPIDEMIOLOGY/THERAPY Cross-Sectional Studies *Developing Countries Female Human HIV Infections/EPIDEMIOLOGY/*THERAPY Incidence India/EPIDEMIOLOGY Male *Urban Population/STATISTICS & NUMER DATA