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HIV/AIDS prevention by effective & innovative methods.
Shankhapal PD; Rawandale VA; Salgonkar RN; Health Alert Organisation of
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1009 (abstract no. 60045). Unique Identifier :

ISSUES: HIV/AIDS Prexention Strategy: Success lies in a Multi Disciplinary approach towards target Community. DESIGN: Sample Survey in School Children in Tribial Dist. of Dhule of India, based on feed back analysis. PROJECT: School Childrens & Youths from age group 12-18 were taken from above sample school. Based on economic, social & cultural background giving representation to all stratas of students. Preliminary analysis by Q-A Sheet on HIV/AIDS done: 20 evaluation groups of 10 students in each made. Following methodology applies to each group. a) Leaflets, books, Video Shows, Lectures arranged on Aids awareness. b) AIDS Painting Competition arranged. (c) Each group asked to share knowledge with relatives & peers. (d) At end of 3 months period conducted. CONCLUSION: 1) 4% drop-out. 2) 84% show positive results. LESSONS LEARNED: These approach has following benefits, 1) Level of awareness on AIDS improved. 2) Feed back study highly feasible. 3) Long term impact on childrens & Youths.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*PREVENTION & CONTROL/ TRANSMISSION Adolescence Awareness Child *Developing Countries Female *Health Education Human HIV Infections/*PREVENTION & CONTROL/TRANSMISSION India Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice Male Risk Factors