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"Skills building and time management": a powerful weapon in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention for the youth.
Sendi EK; Kiwanuka R; Kamatene J; Sebikejje R; Mutekanga A; Otolok-Tanga
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1009 (abstract no. 60043). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: Empowering the youth with knowledge and skills about self reliance activities can greatly contribute to the reduction of HIV/AIDS in disadvantaged communities. PROJECT: A community based HIV/AIDS training programme for community volunteers was started by "THE AIDS SUPPORT ORGANISATION" (TASO) Uganda to equip these volunteers with basic counselling skills and knowledge on self reliance activities like brick making, crafts, tailoring and rabbit farming. (Case study-Kiyanja Community-Uganda). These volunteers later pass on these skills/knowledge to the community youth after grouping them according to activity of interest. (Youth target group 11-20 years). RESULTS: After training these volunteers for seven months (i.e. March-September 1996). 66 youths were mobilised in a month (October 1996) and training started. After 13 months of their involvement, 35 of them (53%) formed a strong HIV/AIDS awareness club in the community, and 31 (46.9%) reported having used their leisure time profitably by doing income generating activities. Empowering the community to support the youth in self reliance and time management can highly play a big role in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

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