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Adolescent employed children in Chandigarh, north India: their knowledge & attitude towards HIV/AIDS.
Singh S; Gambhir SK; Kumar R
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1009 (abstract no. 60041). Unique Identifier :

OBJECTIVES: To study the knowledge of and attitude towards HIV infection/AIDS amongst 100 adolescent employed children of Chandigarh. They constitute a highly vulnerable population as many of them stay away from their homes and lack parental support. DESIGN: Prospective study, pretested questionnaire. METHODS: 100 children aged 14-18 years working in car repair shops of Chandigarh were selected using a two staged random sampling procedure. Information was collected through personal interview technique after obtaining formal consent. Questionnaire consisted of 25 statements that measured the knowledge and 5 questions that measured the attitude towards HIV/AIDS. Attitude was measured using a 5 point Likert Scale. RESULTS: Mean knowledge & attitude scores were 15.58 & 14.67 (out of 25). While eight percent respondents were ignorant of the risks of HIV transmission through unprotected sexual intercourse & blood transfusions, as may as 20% were ignorant of the risks associated with intravenous drug use. Almost one-fourth of the children had serious misconceptions regarding HIV transmission through causal contact. Almost all had strong reservations regarding homosexuality. There was direct correlation between knowledge and attitude scores. A significant proportion of adolescent employed children have inadequate knowledge with regards to modes of HIV transmission. Certain attitudinal characteristics may have grave social implications.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*PREVENTION & CONTROL/ TRANSMISSION Adolescence *Developing Countries *Employment Female Health Education Human HIV Infections/*PREVENTION & CONTROL/TRANSMISSION India *Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice Male