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Nutritional therapy in HIV infection: a personal experience of five years (1993-to date).
Naula M; NACWOLA, Mbale, Uganda.
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1009 (abstract no. 60040). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: Healthy eating by persons living with HIV can help them to live longer and healthy but many of us PWHIV/AIDS, especially in developing countries like Uganda, may not be able to afford healthy eating or even know how to utilize the local foods to make balanced diets. PROJECT: Since 1993, I have always tried to utilize the available affordable food from local resources like eggs, fresh cows' milk, avocado, tomatoes, green vegetables, beans, oranges, pop corns, millet, maize, etc. I also use food like garlic, water, ginger, lemon and fermented foods to stimulate the immune and digestive systems to respond positively to the food I eat. RESULTS: My health has improved tremendously in that I no longer get frequent opportunistic infections which I used to get before I started the healthy eating. The digestive system also works better than before. LESSONS LEARNT: Good nutrition can help to improve the life of a person living with HIV and thus delay the development of AIDS.

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