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Problems of HIV positive persons in Lithuania.
Afanasjev I
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1008 (abstract no. 60037). Unique Identifier :

OBJECT: Problems of HIV infected persons in society, family, relations with medical workers. METHOD: guestionare. RESULTS: There are 46 HIV positive persons in Lithuania; the guestionare filled out 32 of them, 2 have not still any opinion, 3 have left Lithuania, 2 refused answering. According to the answers the main problems is to keep the secret of desease. Some discomfort appears communicating with medical workers--one refuses politely providing with medical help. 25% of respondents ticked the friends do notwish to communicate with them; they feel more care in the famyly, what happens to be insulting sometimes. Relations with medical workers are full of tension because 50% do not trust the local medical workers, think they have not enough knowledge, and diagnostics are far from world standarts. 25% of respondents only do wish to get in toutch with other local HIV infected persons. CONCLUSION: HIV positive persons has many problems with medical institutions and theyr workers as well, besides, avoids and kind of communication with other infected people. The reason of this appearance is the negative public point of view regarding HIV and AIDS patients.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Human HIV Seropositivity/*PSYCHOLOGY Lithuania *Prejudice Public Opinion Refusal to Treat *Sick Role Social Environment