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Problems of HIV/AIDS control in African prisons.
Imataa K; Luanshya District Prison, Zambia, Africa.
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1008 (abstract no. 60036). Unique Identifier :

Although it is now fifteen (15) years since AIDS was recognised as a public health problem preventive measures to control the spread of HIV in African Prison are still not yet in place. In Zambia we have identified unprotected male to male sex, sharing of shoving appliances, substance abuse and tatooing as major risk grounds for HIV/AIDS. However, despite this recognition preventive measures have tagged behind because of: (1) Poor funding (2) Congestion (3) Lack of adquatr medical services (4) Poor Sanitation (5) Lack of social amenities (6) Lack of public empathy for inmates The progress made in HIV/AIDS control in most African countries in commendable but, greater efforts to address the problems of HIV/AIDS in Prisons are needed to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Prisons and outside Prisons.

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