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HIV/AIDS and the demobilization in the armed forces the socio-economic dimensions.
Talugende S
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1008 (abstract no. 60035). Unique Identifier :

As the campaign against the spread of HIV continues, the prevalence is shifting from urban to rural areas. This is caused by various social interactions of urban and rural populations especially in developing countries. Demobilization increases urban to rural interactions. Armed Forces comprise of people with in the most vulnerable age group which is sexually active and deals with comrades who get injured in war, exposing them to a double risk of infection, given minimum knowledge in first aid and lack of facilities. When war goes on, forces are moved to contain increasing insurgencies. In the process, these young people leave their wives and many times in poor economic situations. Soldiers earn very little and cannot afford to maintain wives. They resort to prostitutes. At times the continuous fighting bars them from joining their wives yet the natural needs continue to demand for attention. The wives lack support and also resort to prostitution to make ends meet. What factors should be considered for demobilization? Should ones HIV status be looked at as a disgrace? Should these people be blamed for being with the virus irrespective of how they got infected? How about preparing them before demobilization on the side of education and counseling. What about the benefits given to them at demobilization? Should the benefits be the same as a normal retirement? Will the benefit support the person in his/her situation of HIV? What about the population? Won't they fuel the spread if not well prepared? What may happen in the next 10-20 years? Many questions and answers may need to be analyzed before making decisions on this. There is need to appreciate that some of these are infected because of their national obligations.

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