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Autosupport group: only bridge between despair and regain of hope.
Bolou MA
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1006 (abstract no. 60024). Unique Identifier :

THE PROBLEM: What could be done as a follow up as soon as the illness has been diagnosed until the fatal result, death. THE OBJECTIVE: Evaluated the importance and the impact of an autosupport group on the life of PWA. THE METHODS: A detailed and anonynous questionnary will be distributed within a group of PWA (50% female, 50% male). THE RESULTS: 60% have answered been part or having been part of an autosupprt group (called group A) 40% have answered never having been in touch with an autosupport group (we'll call them B) Within group A, 35% of the individuals became part of an autosupport group as soon as the illness was diagnosed, but 65% left the group after a while. Whether for an other association or have cut definitly any contact with any group of this kind. For the 35% that stayed with the autosupport group the gain is considerable. Their life have risen with hope, since they have gained a better understanding of the illness and its differents aspect. They have learnt have necessity of using preservatives each time they had inter intercourse. The have learnt how to use them. Their out look towards the health, well being of their partners and subsequently towards themself has grown immensely. All of this has been part of a positive re-entry in Society. To become part of more. LESSON LEARNED: The first contact and the constant follow up by the autosupport group consitute one of strong pillar in prevention, social insertion, use of the F.S.U. (formation sanitaire urbain) and other financial structure.

MEETING ABSTRACTS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome/*PSYCHOLOGY/REHABILITATION Adaptation, Psychological Adult Female Human Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice Male *Motivation *Self-Help Groups *Sick Role