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Preventive work of the Estonian Anti-AIDS Association during 7 years.
Priimagi L; Raudsepp A; Grinichak M; Estonian Family Planning
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:1003 (abstract no. 60001). Unique Identifier :

ISSUE: The Estonian Association "Anti-AIDS" is NGO to join volunteers active in HIV Prevention. PROJECT: When established in 1990, Association was only national organization in Estonia, dealing with HIV Prevention. Sexual health education was lacking in school curricula and very few schools had a teacher, ready to discuss sexuality matters. Messages for young people were mainly in favour of abstinence and monogamy. In this situation Association has considered of main importance to pay attention especially on positive aspects of sexuality as well as safer sex. Until September, 1993, all the work was done by volunteers with a support of local sponsors. The work with youth is carried out both in schools and out-of-school-setting. Trainings are arranged for teachers and medical personnel. During 7 years there were issued more than 30 different IEC materials for different groups of people. Mass media and international campaigns are widely used to raise awareness of population. RESULTS: The research has shown that most of young people have basic knowledges about AIDS and safer sex. But safer sex is still not an undisputable norm for most of young people. STD incidence as well as abortion rate are high. LESSONS LEARNED: It's necessary to continue widespread promotion of healthy life style among youth.

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