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Sexual practice among rural population in Serbia.
Vukovic D; Cucic V; Bjegovic V; Terzic Z; School of Medicine Institute
December 30, 1998
Int Conf AIDS. 1998;12:427-8 (abstract no. 23429). Unique Identifier :

All of research on sexual behavior published in our country were conducted in urban areas, this is the first one focused on rural population. OBJECTIVE: To analyze sexual practice of rural population in order to identify level of preventive practice in HIV/AIDS field and the prevalence of high-risk sexual behavior. DESIGN: Cross sectional study METHOD: The study was conducted as household survey (840 randomly selected households from rural communities of Palilula municipality). Total of 1256 interviewees, aged 15-49, fulfilled the questionnaire. RESULTS: When questioned about age at first sexual intercourse 12.5% stated that they had never had sex, 60.6% of respondents had their first sexual intercourse by the age of 19. Female respondents largely had their first sexual experience shortly before marriage or after entering into a marriage, unlike male respondents, who had their first sexual experience much earlier. The results showed that 81.3% had a permanent sexual partner, whether a spouse or a non spouse and only 8.2% used condom during last intercourse with regular partner. 22.1% of respondents had sex with irregular partners in last 12 months, and only 30.5% of them used condoms. It was encouraging that 89.7% of them claimed that their last irregular sexual partner was a person they had already known. CONCLUSIONS: Although it is encouraging that the prevalence of high-risk sexual behavior among rural population is not high, the results of this survey are not satisfactory. They have shown that sexually active rural population does not yet recognize the importance of condoms because only 30.5% those engaged in high-risk sex use condoms.

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