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The theater project at Housing Works: break a leg.
Applestone J
September 30, 1999
Body Posit. 1998 Sep;XI(9):43-6. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Housing Works, an organization which provides supportive housing and services to people with AIDS, founded a theater group in 1992. Using their own clients as actors, the theater group attempts to express the plight and life experiences of people living with AIDS. The messages of the plays are meant to enlighten audiences and give the actors a forum to articulate their stories, while finding support through the work and the other cast members. The subject matter covers love, hope, parting, parenting, and relationships between parents and children. The actors participate in weekly support groups to aid them in working through potentially difficult issues. Professional set designers, musicians, poets, and costume makers have donated time to help with the quality of the performances. A 10 year retrospective of the group is planned.

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