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Cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative factor VIII products in treatment of haemophilia A.
Hay JW; Ernst RL; Kessler CM; Department of Pharmaceutical Economics and
November 30, 1999
Haemophilia. 1999 May;5(3):191-202. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Manufactured factor VIII (FVIII) concentrates of varying purity are available for managing patients with haemophilia A. This study is a cost-effectiveness analysis of ultra-high purity and recombinant (UHP/R) FVIII products relative to intermediate and very-high purity (IP/VHP) preparations. Because the societal (including research and development) costs of FVIII products are unknown and product prices vary with market conditions, we conducted the analysis with treatment cost as a variable quantity. We estimated the largest price premium that could be paid for a UHP/R concentrate relative to an IP/VHP concentrate such that the UHP/R product is the more cost-effective preparation. In the analysis haemophilic patients were assumed to be seropositive for human immunodeficiency virus, seropositive for hepatitis C (HCV), or at risk for seroconversion of hepatitis A (HAV) or hepatitis B (HBV). The results showed that the maximum cost-effective UHP/R price premium is essentially zero if the patient is only at risk of HAV or HBV infection, positive but small for the base-case HCV+ patient, and positive and large for the base-case HIV+ patient having a short life expectancy. Thus UHP/R preparations are not uniformly more cost-effective than IP/VHP products across the spectrum of haemophilic patients' health problems, and the relative cost-effectiveness of the two classes of prepared FVIII products is sensitive to product prices. The methodology employed here can be used in other circumstances where multiple treatments exist for illnesses for which there are significant multiple comorbidities or health risks.

JOURNAL ARTICLE Comparative Study Cost-Benefit Analysis Factor VIII/ECONOMICS/*THERAPEUTIC USE Hemophilia A/*DRUG THERAPY/*ECONOMICS Human Recombinant Proteins/ECONOMICS/THERAPEUTIC USE Support, Non-U.S. Gov't