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Long-lasting decrease of CD4+/CD45RA+ T cells in HCL patients after 2-chlorodeoxyadenosine (2-CdA) treatment.
Raspadori D; Rondelli D; Birtolo S; Lenoci M; Nardi G; Scalia G;
November 30, 1999
Leukemia. 1999 Aug;13(8):1254-7. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

The CD45RA and CD45RO isoforms of the leukocyte common antigen identify functionally distinct CD4+ T cell subsets: CD4+/CD45RA+ cells which represent a more 'naive' stage of T cell compartment and CD4+/CD45RO+ 'memory' cells. Phenotypic and functional abnormalities in T cell compartment have been frequently reported in patients with hairy cell leukemia (HCL) and, in more recent studies, a significant reduction in the absolute number of CD4+ lymphocytes bearing the CD45RO antigen has also been recorded. In our study we evaluated the CD45RA and CD45RO expression on CD4+ T cells by three-color staining in flow cytometry in 38 HCL patients, 19 untreated and 19 previously treated with 2-chlorodeoxyadenosine (2-CdA), administered at a daily dose of 0.1 mg/kg c.i. for 7 days. In HCL untreated patients, the proportion and the absolute number of CD4+/CD45RA+ and of CD4+/CD45RO+ T cell subsets were similar to normal controls. In contrast, HCL patients at 3-5 years by the end of treatment with 2-CdA, together with a reduction in the absolute number of CD4+ T cells, showed a persistent and significant decrease in the proportion and absolute number of CD4+/CD45RA+ cells as compared with both untreated HCL patients and normal controls (41 +/- 16% vs 57 +/- 14% and vs 65 +/- 7%) (P = 0.01 and 0.0001) and (0.201 +/- 0.137 x 10(9)/l vs 0.549 +/- 0.238 x 10(9)/l and vs 0.696 +/- 0.078 x 10(9)/l) (P = 0.00009 and P = 0.00001). In addition, together with the reduction of CD4+/CD45RA+ cells, we recorded a concomitant increase in the proportion of the CD4+/CD45RO+ cells as compared to untreated HCL patients and normal controls (62 +/- 16% vs 47 +/- 15% and vs 42 +/- 12%) (P = 0.08 and 0.02). These findings may suggest that CD4+/CD45RA+ cells are more sensitive than CD4+/CD45RO+ to the toxic effect of 2-CdA.

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