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[Kaposi's sarcoma: a sexually transmitted cancer?]
Sousa Escandon MA; Picallo Sanchez JA; Arguelles Pintos M; Alonso Alonso
December 30, 1999
Actas Urol Esp. 1999 Feb;23(2):89-94. Unique Identifier : AIDSLINE

Kaposi's sarcoma is a lymphoproliferative opportunistic tumor associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome whose frequency is going down due to the use of combined therapies including proteases and others antivirals. During the last years, it has been postulated that it's origin is in the oncogenic potential of HVH-8; however, for the development of the disease, it's necessary the presence of some coadjuvant factors including immunodeficiency and probably a propicious hormonal status. We practiced a bibliographic review of some recent works related with it's etiology and coadyuvant factors implicated in the development of this neoplasia, phrasing some questions that should be answered in the light of future investigative works.

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