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Acetylator phenotype prevalence in HIV-infected patients without previous trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole hypersensitivity [letter]
Quirino T; Bonfanti P; Arcidiacono M; Pusterla L; Cagni A; Scaglione F;
December 30, 1999
Biomed Pharmacother. 1999 Jun;53(5-6):286-7. Unique Identifier :

This trial was conducted to study the frequency of the slow acetylator phenotype in asymptomatic HIV patients having no previous reaction to sulfa-drugs, and to compare this frequency with the frequency found in healthy controls. Results show that HIV alone is not capable of modifying the acetylator phenotype; the prevalence of slow acetylator phenotype is the same in immune competent subjects and HIV-positive patients. It is more common in HIV-positive patients with a CD4+ lymphocyte count of less than 200 mm-3.

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