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Being Alive
MEDICAL UPDATE: Attitudes Toward People With AIDS
Mark Katz MD and reported by Jim Stoecker
December 5, 1992
Being Alive 1992 Dec 5: 1

There was an interesting survey published in a recent Journal of the American Medical Association. About 360 physicians in three countries were interviewed during their medical residencies and asked whether, if given a choice, they would treat people with AIDS.

In France, about 2% said that they would prefer not to treat homosexual men with AIDS and 7% would decline to treat IV drug users with AIDS. In Canada, the number declining to treat gay men rose to 6% and the number declining to care for drug users rose to 26%. Physicians in the United States, however, showed the highest lack of willingness to treat people with AIDS. 11% of those surveyed said that they would rather not treat homosexuals and 42% said that, given a choice, they would decline to treat drug users. Clearly, a good deal of educational work needs to be done, if such attitudes can be found among this nation's medical providers.