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Being Alive
MEDICAL UPDATE: Intramuscular Pentamidine as PCP Prophylaxis
Mark Katz, M.D. and reported by Jim Stoecker
March 5, 1993
Being Alive 1993 Mar 5: 9

Mount Sinai Hospital in New York has reported on its study of intramuscular pentamidine as PCP prophylaxis. Ninety-six patients were included in the protocol, and researchers report a statistically significant lowering of PCP occurrence among those in the study.

Use of aerosolized pentamidine has caused some problems with collapsed lungs, and the aerosolized drug has been unable to prevent PCP outside the lungs. Intramuscular pentamidine avoids both these problems. The drug moves into the blood stream and throughout the whole body. For those intolerant of Bactrim/Septra, intramuscular pentamidine may prove to be the best PCP prophylaxis.