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Being Alive
TOWN HALL MEETING: IVIG For People With Under 50 T-Cells
Martin Delaney, with Warren Jones
April 5, 1993
Being Alive 1993 Apr 5: 10

On a side note, the researchers were amazed to discover that something already available was not already happening, and that is giving people with under 50 T-cells intravenous immune globulin, IVIG. No studies have been made of IVIG for people under 50 T-cells. Why? Because the government and the insurance companies have actively discouraged those studies from being done. Why? Because if those studies were done and it worked, it would be one hell of an expense for the insurance companies and Medicare. It's an expensive product, unfortunately, but this group of researchers, who was above the level that thinks about things like pricing and Medicare and all of that, they said, "Well, of course everybody under 100 T-cells is getting IVIG already, aren't they?" We said, "No, no, in fact they have to fight arm and hammer to get it at all." They said, "Well that doesn't make sense. It's obvious it should work for them."