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Being Alive
Follow Up of Phase I Study of ddI
Mark Katz, MD, and reported by Jim Stoecker
February 5, 1995
Being Alive 1995 Feb 5: 3

Researchers recently did a follow up study of people who were part of the original Phase I study of ddI. For those who entered the original study with less than 100 T-cells, the four year survival rate was 8%. Of those who entered the Phase I study with between 100 and 300 T-cells, however, 80% survived at least four years from the start of the study. This does not mean that ddI alone accounted for the survival rate. Certainly we need to consider other factors such as OI prophylaxis. Nonetheless, a four year survival rate of 80% for people with an original CD4 count of 300 or less is very heartening news.