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Being Alive
The 108th Medical Update: Looking to the Future
Aleece Dimas
July 5, 1997
Being Alive 1997 Jul 5: 9

Since February 1988, Mark Katz, MD has been presenting the monthly Medical Updates for the membership of Being Alive and the community in general, providing a vital source of education and treatment information. We are proud to have Mark as a part of our family and are pleased to have seen the program grow from its modest beginnings at Barlow Hospital, to the program it is now. The Medical Updates reach thousands of people each year through the written summaries in our monthly Newsletter, which has a circulation of 15,000, videotape and its broadcast on cable access stations.

Being Alive recently joined forces with AIDS Project Los Angeles and LA Shanti to collaborate on the future monthly Medical Updates, to further strengthen the program, and to ensure that the information is reaching the greatest number of people in the community. Mark invited representatives from Being Alive, AIDS Project Los Angeles and LA Shanti to discuss ways in which we could further build upon the program and improve it.

In order to adequately do this, we created a Medical Update survey to assess the needs of our membership and the community, which went out in our May Newsletter, as well as in LA Shanti and APLA mailings. We have had a tremendous response, receiving over 700 completed Medical Update surveys, and we are currently reviewing the results to determine which direction we should move in.

"HIV Matters: A Monthly Medical Update" will be the new title for our future Medical Updates. Mark has and will be instrumental in this new and exciting development. "I'm very excited about the opportunity for a shared vision by the three organizations. They are three organizations I have worked with closely and have admired over the years," said Katz.

The next Medical Update, July 21, will mark Being Alive's 108th Medical Update, presided over and presented by Mark Katz, MD. Unfortunately, Mark will be cutting back his participation, as the monthly presenter to a quarterly basis, due to other commitments. To express our gratitude to Mark for his passion and dedication to Being Alive as well as the entire community, we will have a celebration at the 108th Medical Update, July 21 at AIDS Project Los Angeles, in Studio 8.

Please join us July 21, to thank Mark Katz for his unwavering commitment and support.

Aleece Dimas is Being Alive's Volunteer and Program Coordinator.