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GLOBAL: Catholic Condom Ban Not Causing Population Boom: UN
Amena Bakr
October 31, 2011
Reuters (10.26.11) - Monday, October 31, 2011

The UN expects the world's population to top 7 billion people as of Oct. 31, but the Roman Catholic Church's ban on contraception is widely ignored and thus not behind the boom, according to the UN Population Fund. "In Catholic countries like Italy, Spain or Malta, people are still using contraceptives like condoms, so the Church ban is not having an impact," said Safiye Cagar, director of the fund's information and external relations division. "Besides, the population growth in Catholic countries is limited compared to other parts of the world." According to a recent report from the nonprofit Guttmacher Institute, some 98 percent of sexually active Catholic women use contraceptive methods banned by the church.