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GEORGIA: Diverse Displays at Museum of Design Atlanta
Catherine Fox
November 14, 2011
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (11.11.11) - Monday, November

Through Jan. 1, the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) is hosting an exhibition of panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt and a collection of AIDS posters from around the world.

For "AIDS Memorial Quilt," the Atlanta-based Names Project is exhibiting a different group of panels from the memorial project each month at MODA. Last month's quilt display was folk art-themed, while this month's features panels created by professional designers in memory of their colleagues.

In "Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Posters," posters from countries including Mexico and Iran disseminate prevention messages that often go beyond safe sex. In developing countries and male-dominated cultures, the posters encourage female empowerment.

The palette and patterns of Aboriginal art are used in Australian posters, while examples from Africa are often direct and visual enough to reach non-literate audiences. European and American designers felt at liberty to use humor, puns, and nudity, which would not work well in countries where sex is not discussed publicly. Indian designers draw on a history of miniature paintings. In a French example, a swarm of naked bodies forms a skull.

MODA is located at 1315 Peachtree St., Atlanta. For admission prices and exhibit hours, telephone 404-979-6455 or visit