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UNITED STATES: Bono Charms Lawmakers in Push for AIDS Programs Funding
Kathleen Hennessey
December 2, 2011
Los Angeles Times (12.01.11) - Friday, December 02, 2011

Irish rock star and AIDS advocate Bono, along with R&B singer Alicia Keys, paid a World AIDS Day visit to Capitol Hill Thursday to press lawmakers for continued foreign aid, and to express appreciation for US contributions to date. Bono acknowledged the need for accountability in the current economic climate: "No inefficiencies will be tolerated. If you can show the American people real value, that money is being spent well, then they'll run with it. But if there's any sense of this being misspent, there is zero tolerance. And we agree with that." Speaking to reporters, Bono said, "You're very good at beating yourself up in this country, but just for today you should realize that you have - personally, every taxpayer in this country has - paid for 5 million people to stay alive. The United States has done that. And you should be very, very proud."