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CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles Council Requires Condoms in Porn Films
John Rogers
January 19, 2012
Associated Press (01.17.12) - Thursday, January 19, 2012

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted 9-1 to approve a measure requiring actors in adult films produced in the city to wear condoms. The legislation next goes to the mayor for his signature. Before the ordinance takes effect, the council ordered police officials, city attorneys, and others to hold meetings about its enforcement.

Several adult-film representatives criticized the ordinance as politically correct and unenforceable. Many consumers refuse to buy films in which condoms are used, they said.

"The only thing that the city could potentially achieve is losing some film permit money and driving some productions away, but you can't actually compel an industry to create a product that the market doesn't want," said Christian Mann, general manager for Evil Angel Productions.

The industry years ago voluntarily adopted STD testing of actors every 30 days, a policy that is working well, according to former adult-film actress Tabitha Stevens and others. AIDS advocates, however, say STD testing is insufficient, and requiring condoms adds another level of safety.

"We are not opposed to testing, but testing is not prevention in the same way that a barrier protection is," said Ged Kenslea, spokesperson for the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which for years has campaigned to enact a condom requirement. Kenslea also claimed the adult-film industry does not report all STD diagnoses.

With 90 percent of the industry based in the city's San Fernando Valley, Kenslea dismissed claims that the measure would drive productions to other locations.