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UGANDA: Uganda Government Distances Itself from Anti-Gay Bill
Rodney Muhumuza
February 9, 2012
Associated Press (02.09.12) - Thursday, February 09, 2012

In a statement released Wednesday, Uganda's government said it does not support a reintroduced bill whose original version would have imposed the death penalty for certain homosexual acts. "As a parliamentary democracy the process of debate will continue. Whilst the government of Uganda does not support this bill, it is required under our constitution to facilitate this debate," the statement said. "The facilitation of this debate should not be confused for the government's support for this bill." Legislator David Bahati, who first introduced the measure in 2009, did so again Tuesday. As revised, it removes the capital punishment provision but retains life imprisonment for "aggravated homosexuality." Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda. Analysts say the bill would likely pass immediately but has not been put to a vote because President Yoweri Museveni believes it would undermine his foreign policy agenda. President Barack Obama has condemned the bill, as have leaders in Europe, where some countries have threatened to cut aid to Uganda if measure becomes law.