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AUSTRALIA: Victorian Girls Not Taking Full Cancer Vaccine

February 13, 2012
Australian Associated Press (02.02.12) - Monday, February 13,

Only 76 percent of girls in Victoria have received all three doses of human papillomavirus vaccine, according to the Cancer Council Victoria. The vaccine, which is administered in three injections, targets the HPV types responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancers and 90 percent of genital warts. Research shows that the number of girls under 18 with high-grade abnormal pre-cancerous cells on the cervix has dropped by half since 2007, when Australia's school-based program began providing the vaccine for free to 12- and 13-year-old girls. Kate Broun, CCV's cancer screening programs manager, said girls' reasons for not taking all three shots include pain, fear of needles, and a poor understanding of the vaccine's purpose. To address these barriers, CCV has released an online video about HPV and the vaccine against it. To access the video, visit