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The Road We Know "Watch The Movie, Save A Life" Program Launches For World AIDS Day, 2011

November 30, 2011
PRNewswire - November 30, 2011

-- New film featuring youth HIV prevention program in Botswana uses innovative technology to raise awareness and funds through social networking NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Beginning Thursday, December 1st, World AIDS Day, movie fans and social networkers will be able to participate in the latest innovation in "filmanthropy." The Road We Know (, a new documentary about a youth movement in Botswana aimed at HIV prevention, has teamed up with technology company UbicMedia(TM) and its proprietary PUMit tool to allow audiences to digitally share the film while simultaneously contributing to a fund to further develop youth HIV/AIDS prevention programs in Botswana. Can a small group of college students from Botswana challenge conventional wisdom about AIDS in Africa to save their generation? The Road We Know explores the impact of HIV/AIDS in Botswana through the efforts of these young adults who boldly advocate for behavior change to save lives.

Directed by Suzanne Taylor and produced by Citygate Films, The Road We Know began production in 2008 when Taylor had the opportunity to film the HIV prevention training Botswana college students were receiving through the nonprofit program, "Face the Nation." The film will kick off a series of nationwide screenings at churches, schools of public health, and AIDS awareness and prevention organizations beginning December 1st at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, GA (, an early supporter of the Face the Nation program. World AIDS Day will also mark the launch of the "Watch the Movie, Save a Life" program (, a crowd-marketing and fundraising campaign that will allow audiences to digitally share the film via email and their social networks after paying an $8 fee, 50% of which will be donated by Citygate Films to Partners to the World (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention programs in Botswana.

The "Watch the Film, Save a Life" campaign is powered by PUMit, a technology tool developed by UbicMedia. PUMit allows rights-holders to securely share their video with their social networks while tracking viewings and referrals, and adding an e-commerce component.

ABOUT CITYGATE FILMS ( Citygate Films LLC is a multi-picture documentary film company built around the idea of filmanthropy. This play on the words "film" and "philanthropy" represents the marriage of the vision-casting power of cinematic documentaries with the grassroots-driven response to humanitarian and social justice needs.

Citygate Films is currently producing three documentaries in this model, THE ROAD WE KNOW, A NOTE OF HOPE and MACH ONE MAC. Founded by author and producer/director Carolyn McCulley, Citygate draws upon a skilled production team that has been working together over the last several years filming on location in Cuba, South Korea, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Mexico, Germany, the U.K., and more.

ABOUT UBICMEDIA ( UbicMedia develops and markets a revolutionary Internet content protection and distribution technology called the "PUMit system." It relies on a new self-secured Internet object called the "nomadic file", or PUM file, which removes content from constraints pertaining to any specific distribution channel and users from any registration processes. Content can be copied across media (Internet, HD, memory cards, connected devices) without compromising the rights holders copyrights and monetization potential.

UbicMedia is currently collaborating with leading US-based entertainment networks, and working on a secure video viewing service integrated with the Box platform. In Europe, partners and clients include L'Academie des Cesar, Cote Cinema online (promotion of "Alice in Wonderland" for Disney, Memento Distribution), Europa Distribution, Avalanche Productions, ("Brothers" for Wild Bunch/Lionsgate).

UbicMedia is a privately held company with offices in France and in the United States.

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