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AIDS Treatment Data Network
(ATDN) Helping to Gather Information

December 1, 1994
Treatment Review #15; December 1994

Information gathering studies are an important source of data that help researchers, doctors, and people with HIV/AIDS understand the disease and how it progresses. Information gathering studies usually don't include a drug treatment, but are only meant to look at how specific parts of a participant's life and health are affected. Although the studies don't provide treatment, they can provide you with routine care, without waiting in a crowded clinic. Routine care with any infection is important in keeping track of how well you're doing, and if a particular treatment is necessary. In exchange for your participation, you will receive regular care. The data gathered from you and the other participants can be used for identifying areas of research, including treatment trials. Anyone participating in a clinical trial is doing a great service for all of us. Participating in an information gathering study is an equally important commitment you may be interested in making. Several information gathering studies are described below. Call The Network if you are interested in these, or other information gatherings studies that we know about.