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AIDS Treatment Data Network
(ATDN) Herpesvirus treatment for KS

November 1, 1995
Treatment Review No. 20; November 1995

Foscarnet is currently approved for the treatment of a herpesvirus infection called CMV. Because research has connected a type of herpesvirus to this cancer, foscarnet is now being studied as a treatment for KS. In a recent issue of Treatment Review, we mentioned the possibility that the drug acyclovir, commonly and safely used for treating herpesviruses, may be useful for treating KS if it was actually caused by a herpesvirus. This doesn't appear to be the case, although the same study that determined this suggests that two herpesvirus drugs, foscarnet or ganciclovir, may be helpful. Eligibility for this foscarnet study is limited to participants with early KS. Participants will have had KS for no longer than six months and will have received no prior treatment for KS. To apply for either of the studies described above call NYU Medical Center at (212) 263-6565, or The Network at (800) 734-7104.