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New Vision
Uganda: Moral Vaccine Is the Antidote to HIV/AIDS
August 7, 2012

In her spirited defense of sexual minorities like prostitutes and homosexuals, Dr. Silyvia Tamale argued that the single most important factor in the rising HIV rates in Uganda is the failure of the 'moral vaccine'.

On the contrary, I wish to argue that the 'moral vaccine' is the single most effective antidote to HIV/ AIDS pandemic and not the condoms. Scientists argue that 'sex with condoms is not totally safe but it is less risky.'

The complication is that some of the most sexually active people get drunk or are overcome by emotions and can't appropriately use condoms.

Even more worrying is the fact that some Ugandans have continued to deliberately have un-protected sex. Bizimana, an HIV/AIDS researcher of 30 years reported in the same newspaper as Dr. Tamale wrote in that he has come across men who argue that the absence of condoms cannot prevent them from hunting their animal (sic female partners).

To me, this is a moral dilemma that requires a 'moral vaccine'. Such recklessness confirms the Government and bureaucratic position disputed by Dr. Tamale that promiscuity in Uganda is the leading factor in rising HIV prevalence rates.

Once one is inoculated against HIV/AIDS by taking in the 'moral vaccine' of Christian morality then he stands 100% chance of not being infected by HIV/ AIDS especially in these times when other means of HIV/ AIDS spread, apart from sexual contact, have been addressed through knowledge of science.

While the condom has a possible failure rate and circumcision has a 40% chance of failure rate, abstinence from sex till marriage and faithfulness within marriage is 100% safe method against HIV/ AIDS.

In short, the 'moral vaccine' works and is the single most effective 'scientific' anti-dote to HIV/ AIDS.