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Gordhan shares details on medium term health funding
<p>Staff Writer</p>
October 25, 2012

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has delivered his Medium Term Budget Policy Statement. Gordhan acknowledged that there has been mismanagement of supplies to schools and hospitals in some provinces.

“These events are a cause for urgent reflection. There are lessons to be learnt, mistakes to be acknowledged, and corrective steps to be taken by all constituencies. Above all, it is time for action. Collective action!”

In addition to their equitable share allocations, provinces are funded through a variety of conditional grants. Changes proposed to the provincial grant programmes for the period ahead include additional funds for the comprehensive HIV and Aids grant to compensate for a reduction in donor funding and to allow for rising treatment numbers.

Health care accounts for about R132 billion in next year’s spending plans.

Funding will be provided for an improved diagnostic test for TB, additional allocations for the HIV and Aids programme and continued investment in hospitals and health infrastructure.

Gordhan added that over the longer term, phasing in National Health Insurance will significantly broaden the social wage, giving effect to government’s commitment to improve the country’s health indicators through a better-resourced, better managed and fairer health system.