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UNITED KINGDOM: No More Needles! Scientists Develop Vaccine That Melts Under the Tongue
Claire Bates
October 25, 2012
Daily Mail (London) (10.24.12)

Researchers at the University of London have developed a new method for delivering vaccines directly into the bloodstream. Professor Simon Cutting of Royal Holloway, University of London, stated that instead of delivering the vaccine with a needle, vaccines based on Bacillus spores can be delivered as a nasal spray, an oral liquid or capsule, or a small soluble film placed under the tongue. Professor Cutting noted that that spores are exceptionally stable vaccines based on Bacillus and do not require cold storage, thus eliminating another issue with current vaccines. With oral vaccines, the fear of needles is no longer a deterrent to getting immunized, and the vaccine is safer to administer, particularly for countries where HIV is prevalent. Also, the vaccines will be more cost-effective to make and easier to keep fresh. The technique was developed when researchers discovered they could use “good bacteria” to administer vaccines. Researchers found that Bacillus spores were perfect for transporting antigens, which cause the immune system to produce antibodies to protect against them. Professor Cutting has carried out trials to determine the effectiveness of Bacillus-based vaccines for diseases such as influenza, TB, and tetanus.