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INDIA: Sion Hospital Shocker: 11 Doctors Down With TB
Pratibha Masand
November 12, 2012
Times of India (11.10.12)

Eleven resident doctors of Sion Hospital in Mumbai, India, are currently diagnosed with TB, and two of the 11 have been diagnosed with the multi-drug resistant strain of the disease. In addition, five other senior doctors and eight paramedical staff have also been diagnosed with TB. One pulmonary department physician, who was recently diagnosed with TB, claims that the living conditions of the physicians is one reason for their testing positive for the disease. Citing long working hours, stress, poor ventilation, and irregular eating habits, he noted that the doctors often stay in very crowded conditions or even live on the wards, and another member of the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors commented that the quality of the hospital’s food was not as good as that of other hospitals. The Dean of Sion Hospital, Dr. Suleiman Merchant, has stated that “The matter is indeed alarming. We have initiated steps to ensure better facilities for our doctors.” The new OPD building of the hospital was designed to be air-conditioned, but has been functioning without air conditioning. According to Dr. Merchant, the hospital is currently in talks with the civic department to provide cross-ventilation within the building and should be improved soon.