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AUSTRALIA: Allied Healthcare Group to Release Professor Ian Frazer's Coridon Vaccine to Combat Existing HPV Infection
Rosie Squires
November 15, 2012
Perth Now (11.15.12)

The Australian biomedical company Allied Healthcare Group announced positive results in a trial of Coridon, an HPV vaccine developed by Professor Ian Frazer, who also developed the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Coridon aims to fight existing HPV infection and halt the onset of cancer. Results from a preclinical study with mice confirmed that the Coridon vaccine induces immune responses that prevent development of cancerous tumors associated with the HPV infection. In the study, groups of 10 mice were vaccinated intradermally with a Coridon HPV-mixed DNA vaccine and compared with animals that were not vaccinated. After two immunizations, three weeks apart, researchers implanted tumor cells, and the animals were monitored for tumors. The mice that were immunized with the Coridon DNA vaccine showed no tumors at the end of the study, whereas all of the controls developed large tumors. Lee Rodne, Group Managing Director of Allied Healthcare, commented on the promising results and noted that they were moving closer to developing a therapeutic treatment for HPV-associated cervical cancer. He stated that they were very excited by the possibility of developing a vaccine that could not only prevent infection, but also stop development of the disease in people who had already been infected.