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TEXAS: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Initiative Educates Students on Responsibility Behind Drinking, Safe Sex
George Mattingly
November 15, 2012
Houstonian (11.15.12)

On November 14, the Sam Houston State University (SHSU) Alcohol and Drug Abuse Initiative (ADAI) sponsored a discussion titled, “Playing with the Wrong Odds,” at which students and faculty discussed responsibility while drinking alcohol and practicing safe sex. The ADAI, Alpha Delta Phi, and the Dean of Students Office hosted the event, which drew approximately 80 students. ADAI Coordinator Eddie Gisemba emphasized the social roles that alcohol and sex play in students’ lives and the consequences of each. He demonstrated a spinning wheel game depicting how peer pressure greatly influences a person’s choice to consume more alcohol or engage in sex. “Socially, alcohol plays a huge role. We often connect it to the meals we eat and how we socialize,” declared Gisemba. He added that ADAI had hosted similar discussions for students in the past, but this one approached the topic differently, focusing on responsibility rather than prevention. “Oftentimes, telling students ‘don’t do it’ is not effective because it’s not realistic. So what I try to do is focus more on the responsibility and health and legal consequences of these actions,” explained Gisemba. The students viewed the presentation as a learning experience. One student lamented that a lot of people get caught up in drinking and sex because these are the “cool” things to do. However, another student acknowledged that the discussion convinced her not to participate in drinking, as it affects both students and the people around them. For more information, visit the ADAI program on the SHSU website at